Week 7 – Interacting Visually

Visual identity construction

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits (FastCompany)
The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures (OK Trends)
Don’t Be Ugly By Accident (OK Trends)
Your Looks and Your Inbox (OK Trends)

Photo sharing communities


Flickr and other photo toys

Color palette generator
Jigsaw puzzle maker
Motivator (motivational poster maker)
Spell with Flickr

Video sharing communities


Visual collaboration projects

Life in a Day (Ridley Scott & Kevin McDonald)
In B Flat 2.0

Miscellaneous visual media examples

I now pronounce you monetized: a YouTube video case study” (Official Google Blog)
It’s Getting Hot in Here” Fan video for The Office
Project Report (Pulitzer/YouTube collaboration for citizen journalists)
Passive-Aggressive Notes
Red Bull visual timeline
Sign of social media (Flickr group)
Jill & Kevin’s wedding entrance (from case study)
The Office wedding clip
Corey & Rachel’s wedding invitation

Screencasts for visual social media

Using Twitpic (watch this one if you typically use the Twitter.com page)
Sharing photos on Twitter via Brizzly
Sharing photos on Twitter via Tweetdeck (watch this one if you use a desktop application)
Adding a photo to a Flickr group

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