Wiki assignment details

Purpose of the assignment

The Web 2.0 Social Media wiki is a place where we can all contribute to creating a knowledge base that can be used as a reference for anyone interested in social media, including future students (who will build on, add to, and change the information to keep it accurate). This is our own chance to practice crowdsourcing in a shared environment.

A wiki is a hyperlinked system that allows all participants to create, edit, and revise documents.  This has been found to be a powerful tool for harnessing and managing knowledge in a variety of domains, as well as ensuring accuracy over time.


For the course wiki, we will be using Intodit, which uses a simplified wiki format. Screencasts will help you learn to create and edit documents for the wiki.

You will be required to contribute at least 10 paragraphs to the wiki. These may be in any number of documents (for example, two five-paragraph documents, one paragraph added to ten different documents, or any other combination). You may either create documents yourself, or add to documents that others have created, again in any combination.

Each of these paragraphs must:

  • contribute to an entry that focuses on a single individual, organization, platform, concept, process, phenomenon, or idea that has a clear and direct relevance to social media as discussed in this course;
  • consist of at least 7 sentences organized around a single topic sentence;
  • where appropriate, include a header describing the content of the paragraph (“Background,” “Timeline,” etc.);
  • include links to other pages within the wiki, to help visitors navigate the wiki and find information. If the relevant page does not yet exist, please italicize and underline the suggested link text–this will signal to others that a new page needs to be created (and the relevant links filled in). For example, if you are writing in a document on Facebook, and mention Mark Zuckerberg, you should link to the wiki page with his bio information. If no such page exists, you would format the mention of Mark Zuckerberg as indicated above; another classmate can create the document, making sure to add the link(s) where necessary in the wiki document about Facebook. Each document must contain at least one internal link to another document within the wiki (as well as any relevant external links);

TYPES OF Wiki documents

Think broadly as well as narrowly: almost anything we’ve discussed in class or that has been covered in our readings is fair game. Remember that you are writing these entries for people who are interested in social media and looking for information. Wiki entries might therefore include:

  • Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc. (Remember to link to the site in the entry);
  • Social media processes and categories, such as blogging, microblogging, social networking sites, etc.;
  • Broad cornerstone areas such as online privacy, social media law, social media ethics, etc.;
  • Concepts from the cornerstone areas such as net neutrality, participatory culture, etc. (make sure to cite sources for concepts that can be attributed to a particular author, such as Henry Jenkins);
  • Companies or organizations relevant to social media, including public institutions. For instance, the FTC has enacted some regulations pertaining to social media marketing;
  • Key individuals, including authors, scholars, creators of social media sites, or other influential people. Examples for this category might include Clay Shirky, Eric Schmidt, danah boyd, and many others.

If you are unsure whether a topic would be appropriate, just ask.

Although I can review who has created or edited each paragraph, to streamline the grading process you will be required to self-document your contributions (much as you did for the FourSquare exercise). Please copy and paste each of your paragraphs into a Word file, including the name and URL of the wiki document where each can be found.

The deadline for completing this assignment is the last class of the semester on on Tuesday, December 7. Please submit your assignment electronically via Blackboard. If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to visit me during office hours, arrange an appointment, email, or tweet. Also see the screencasts and links posted on the Resources page.

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