Twitter intro assignment

Purpose of the assignment

Students in this class will be expected to use Twitter throughout the assignment to share links, discuss course material, ask questions, and find out about any changes to the assigned readings or other aspects of the course. This assignment will ensure that all students are familiar with the basic functions of Twitter.


Those students who do not already have a Twitter account must create one at The account must be publicly visible (unlocked). You may use a pseudonym and limited bio information to protect your privacy if you wish, but I must be informed of your ID so I can add you to the class list. The account must have at least a brief bio note, and a photograph or other avatar (not the Twitter default). If students already have a Twitter account that they use for personal communication, they may either use it here or create  a new account specifically for this class.

Over the course of the assignment, students must:

  1. Follow at least 20 people, of whom at least 10 must be unaffiliated with Arizona State University. Ideas for people to follow can be found by exploring lists, participating in online conversations, and checking your favorite blogs for Twitter IDs.
  2. Tweet! Tweets should contain the #MCO494 hashtag so that they can be easily followed by classmates and others. Your tweets must include at least the following:
    1. First, send me a tweet (to @drgilpin) so that I can confirm that you are signed up and ready to go, and add you to the MCO494 list
    2. Engage in conversation by asking questions and interacting with those who respond, using the @mention format in at least 10 tweets.
    3. Share information by posting abbreviated links to at least 10 online items relevant to the class. These must be original tweets, and not retweeted links.
    4. Retweet at least 5 posts by people you follow. These should not be randomly chosen, but selected because of their usefulness and/or cleverness.
    5. Post at least 10 tweets of undirected, appropriate content.
    6. Create a Twitter list of resources on any topic you desire. Your list should include at least 15 sources/users.
    7. Follow the class list I’ve created (@drgilpin/MCO494).
    8. Participate in conversation about course content using the #MCO494 hashtag

The deadline for completing this introductory assignment is class on Thursday, September 2. If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to visit me during office hours, arrange an appointment, email, or tweet. Also see the helpful tools and guides posted on the Resources page.

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