First position paper

The purpose of these position papers is to encourage reflection on a topic relevant to the course, and gain experience applying the complex concepts addressed in the cornerstones.

For the first position paper, you will be asked to write no more than one single-spaced page* on one of the following topics (choose one):

Should social media be used in all (or most) college classrooms?
In what ways do social media affect people and/or organizations who do not participate in them?

In your paper, you should refer to concepts from all four cornerstone areas (culture, economics & ownership, privacy, law & ethics). Examples of such concepts might include participatory culture, net neutrality, copyright, types of privacy, or any others addressed in the assigned readings, lectures, or class discussions.

Your position papers will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Appropriate reference to and use of concepts from the course
  • Logical argument that clearly supports your position and is sustained by references (rather than simply opinion)
  • Clear and correct writing

Each position paper is worth 5% of your total grade for the course.

Position papers should be submitted electronically via Blackboard no later than 4:30 pm on Thursday, September 16. As per the course policies, all late papers will be reduced by one full letter grade per day, beginning immediately after the deadline. (Thus, a paper submitted between 4:31 pm on Thursday and 4:29 pm on Friday will be reduced by one letter grade, and so on for each day thereafter.)

*References may appear in a bibliography on a second page, if necessary. The body of the paper must fit on one page.

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