Blog week 14

Comment below to sign up to post to the class blog during Week 14.

Remember: each week must have NO FEWER THAN 16 and NO MORE THAN 25 posts. Do not sign up for a week that already has 25 people committed to blogging.

19 responses to “Blog week 14

  1. Marrisa Ramirez-Ramos

    I’ll post this week

  2. I’ll post this week

  3. This one too.

  4. I’d like to post this week.

  5. I’ll post this week.

  6. i’ll post this week!

  7. I’ll post this week!

  8. This could be interesting 🙂

  9. I’ll take this week.

  10. I will post for this week.

  11. Victoria Gundersen

    I’ll post this week.

  12. I will post this week.

  13. I am blogging here as well

  14. sorry no im not im on wk 13

  15. I’ll blog this week

  16. I made a mistake and would like to post this week instead of week 9 please

  17. I will post to this week instead of posting to Week 9

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