The purpose of this class is twofold: to ensure that students are familiar with a range of social media tools, including the ability to use them for practical applications, and to encourage analysis and critical thinking with regard to the role of social media in contemporary personal, professional, social, and cultural contexts.  The assignments and exams are therefore designed as opportunities for students to develop and express their mastery of these objectives.

Class Blog

Students in this class will contribute to a multimedia blog set up specifically for the course, to discuss their reflections on the topics covered. Students will sign up for a date at the beginning of the semester, to ensure the blog is updated regularly; feel free to contribute at other times as well if you find something relevant to post. In addition to writing for the blog, students will be expected to comment on at least one blog post per week, to maintain discussion outside of class. The MCO494 blog this semester is a Tumblr. Details of the assignment will be provided in class.


All students in this course will be expected to sign up for a Twitter account, and actively follow discussion under the #MCO494 hashtag. Where possible and appropriate, live tweeting will be encouraged during class to comment and ask questions about the material being covered. Links to topical readings may also be communicated via Twitter from time to time.

Book analysis

Numerous books are being published about various aspects of social media. Students will choose a relevant book and write a 2-to-3-page analysis based on the concepts discussed in class. More details about this assignment will be provided in class.

Position papers

Since so much of the course is devoted to grappling with complex ideas about culture, law, economics, and privacy, students will be responsible for submitting two short (1-page) position papers during the semester stating an opinion on an assigned topic related to one or more of the cornerstones.


During the class we will be learning about a wide range of concepts, terms, tools, and developments in the social media world. One task of this class is to create and maintain a knowledge repository about social media that can serve as a reference to anyone interested in the subject, as well as a study tool for quizzes and assignments. This semester, the class will be creating an Intodit wiki.


Geotagging and other location-based services are becoming increasingly prominent in the social media world. Students will explore this domain using FourSquare, helping to map details of the Phoenix area with a special emphasis on ASU campuses. Details of these assignments will be provided in class.

Final project

Students will produce a final project on a topic related to social media, and present their projects to the rest of the class and others in a poster session. These projects can be traditional research papers, case study analyses, or applied projects related to the student’s area of interest. Details of this assignment will be provided in class.

Point distribution

Applied social media activities: 30%
…… Blog: 10%
…… Wiki: 10%
…… FourSquare: 5%
……Visual social media: 5%

Final project: 25%
…… Written project: 15%
…… Presentation: 10%

Short writing assignments: 15%
…… Position papers (2×5%): 10%

Book analysis: 10%

In-class assignments and quizzes: 10%

Participation (includes blog comments
& activity on assigned platforms throughout the semester): 15%