Tumblr assignment

Since the blogging assignment is about to begin, all MCO494 students need to sign up for an account at Tumblr. Once you have an account, indicate your member name in the comments on this post, and I will invite you to join our Class Tumblr.

This is going to be fun!

33 responses to “Tumblr assignment

  1. tumblr name is jericsso!

  2. my user name for tumblr is jasmit34

  3. Tumblr account name: kylehilow

  4. My blog url is andreameissner.tumblr.com

  5. My Tumblr account name: RobynMMoore

  6. My tumblr member name is: emrod

  7. tumblr is thegarebear.tumblr.com

  8. jasalazar.tumblr.com
    Jorge Salazar

  9. Victoria Gundersen


  10. My tumblr url is lyndseylagrego.tumblr.com


  11. leahstarr


  12. Comment on Tumblr assignment #mco494 by xi jia
    My tumblr is: http://ciciprincess.tumblr.com/

  13. My tumblr name is esyoung

  14. borisfowler.tumblr.com

  15. My tumbler name is KennieRae

  16. Here is my tumblr account: http://stonefreemarie.tumblr.com

  17. My Tumblr name is jweishar , jweishar.tumblr.com

  18. phecohen.tumblr.com

  19. Michael Montgomery

    Hey professor…my Tumblr name is mikeandlife

  20. I just found this. I am so overwhelmed with all these different accounts and places to post, I am trying hard to keep up…just haven’t found a flow between all of them I suppose. My tumblr account can be found at http://aethomson.tumbler.com

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